Mission Statement

My name is Brent Reese and thank you for stopping by my personal website. Its goal is to allow you to get an understanding of me as a person: my talents, beliefs and convictions. I am a true original who is dependable, passionate and ethical. Achieving business and personal success has been tremendous but the greatest gratification for me has been the journey along the way. Enjoy and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kooky Klickers and my next adventure

Back in 2004, when I first introduced the Kooky Klickers, it was simply another addition to the Courage Inc. product offering of gifts and souvenirs; little did I know what a wild ride it would turn out to be! After a few years of marginal sales the Kooky pens exploded in popularity in the spring of 2007, first in Long Island and eventually across the U.S.
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SpotMode Trend Merchandise

SpotMode, founded by Brent Reese, is a wholesale product development and manufacturing company supplying trend novelty, souvenir and stationery items to small and mid-tier retailers in North America, South America, Hong Kong and France.

Our mission is to create unique and affordable trend merchandise that taps into the imagination, curiosity and collectible nature of children and tweens while delivering multiple sales, healthy profit margins and high inventory turnover to its retail customers, all the while treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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